Our next special concert, 'Songs4Soi' will take place on 
Sunday 28th May, 2017 at The Actors Church, Covent Garden, 
in aid of the Soi Dog Foundation 🐾
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Upcoming Shows

Giggin4Good Presents: Songs4Soi

Produced by: Emma Howe, Hayley Guild, Karen Howe, Jordan Langford & Nathan Lodge

Performers: TBC

MD: Jack Bennett

Charity: Soi Dog Foundation, Thailand.

Recognising the tragic plight of the neglected and homeless animals in Phuket and other provinces throughout Thailand, the Soi Dog Foundation was established in 2003 to address this issue. Soi Dog has made a significant and noticeable impact in improving the lives of tens of thousands of animals and continues to expand its support for homeless, abused and neglected animals.

Soi Dog Foundation is the only organization in Phuket who have a help line and respond to emergency calls.

Soi Dog spends over 500,000 Thai Baht ($15,000 USD) per month treating, neutering and spaying sick and injured dogs and cats. Many of which are the victims of cruelty.

  • Animals that can be returned to their original locations are returned when fully recovered.
  • Animals that have been ill treated or abused, or who’s treatment has taken many months and will no longer be accepted in their original habitat remain at the shelter. These animals often make great pets and are available for adoption.
  • Those animals which cannot be adopted or returned to their original habitat are available for sponsorship.

There is an old saying that "saving the life of one animal does not change the world, but it does change the world for that animal."